Change Log for Terrain Sculptor

Version 2.1

10 August 2015
Improved memory management (a second JVM is started that maximizes the available heap space).
Fixed a memory leak.

Version 2.0.2

8 August 2015
Added patch mode processing (contributed by Adrian Weber, University of Bern).
Updated the Mac application’s internal structure.
Moved to GitHub repository at

Version 2.0.1

20 February 2015
Fixed bug that prevented Terrain Sculptor from running on Mac OS 10.10.
Updated Windows EXE file.

Version 2.0

31 May 2011
Accelerated filtering with multi-threading and other optimizations.
Added deferred filtering feature.
Added support for terrain models with void values.
Improved interface.

Version 1.1.3

6 April 2011
Fixed bug in terrain reader module. Thanks to Nathaniel.

Version 1.1.2

3 August 2010
Fixed a bug that prevented the import of files in areas where the decimal separator is not a dot. Thanks to Bart-Jan Dekker for his help.

Version 1.1.1

Added application icon.
Removed unused preferences menu item.

Version 1.1

Added Scale slider, as well as Basic and Advanced modes.
Added progress dialog for grid import.
Added progress dialog for filtering.
Added Open Recent Terrain Model menu command.
Reduced amount of required memory.
Added information dialog about current terrain model.
Fixed conflicting menu shortcut with Save Filtered Terrain and Save Shaded Relief.
Improved GUI details, removed unused Preferences dialog.
Fixed bug in ESRI ASCII grid file importer.
Fixed threading bug that sometimes blocked the import of grid files.
Added System Info and help menu commands.
Removed unused arrow tool.

Version 1.0

29 January 2010
Initial release.